Politicians say ‘No’ to road junctions Eindhoven

Eindhoven politicians have not accepted the ‘new junction Eindhoven’ proposal. A majority in the City Council do not agree with the plan.

The ‘SP’, ‘GroenLinks’, ‘PvdA’, ‘D66’, and ‘Samen Eindhoven’ parties are against the plan. They believe that the need for these junctions has not been sufficiently demonstrated. They believe that there are other possibilities of access to the city. Moreover, the plan would cause too much harm to the natural environment.
The ‘VVD’, ‘CDA’, and Elderly Appeal parties approve the plan. They believe the road junctions are necessary for better accessibility and economic growth of the region.
The government and the province want the plan to proceed. This requires the construction of two new roads, on the north and east side of Eindhoven. The municipalities in the region must come to a decision. Lawmaker Helms will not give the green light on behalf of Eindhoven.
The total cost of the new junction plan would be 865 million euro. The major part of the costs would be taken care of by the government and the province. Eindhoven would only have to contribute 7 million.

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