Moving Checklist

List A :
– Register your address at town hall “Stadskantoor”. (Passport + House contract)
– Collect your citizen service number “Burgerservicenummer” or “BSN” at town hall. (If you are from EU and have no address in the Netherlands collect your “Sofi number” at the tax office; the same as BSN)
– Apply/collect your residence/work permit , “Verblijfstitel” at Immigration office “IND”. If you are from EU, you will have a sticker in your passport.
– Open a bank account. (ID + BSN + Job contract)
– Register with a local doctor/dentist. Google “Huisarts/ Tandarts + Name of city”

– Read on internet about the “Dutch Health Care system”.

– Set up health insurance. Google “Zorgverzekering”

– Set up Liability, home and travel insurance. Google “Verzekering”

– Register for the digital signature “DigiD”. You will need this later for online registrations.

– You receive your City-card “Stadspas” by post (a card with your BSN). Attach your photo on it, and you may need this card to dispose garbage in some areas!

– Inform the tax office “BelastingDienst” if your income has changed. (also for child benefits and spouse benefits) (ID/ Passport+ BSN + Job contract)

– Apply for new/ exchange your Driving License “Rijbewijs”. (DigiD/ ID)

– Note expiration dates of your passport, permits and licenses in your calendar. (Set reminders for at least 1 month before the expiration dates)

List B

– Check the weather and clouds before going out on

– Buy an “OV-Chipkaart” at the bus station to travel cheaper by bus.

– Buy a “dal-voordeel abbonement” OV-Chipkaart to travel 40% cheaper by train. (Need a digital photo, find discount code for the first year, receive it in 2 weeks)

– Check Bus and train timetables on

– Read “” for local news, stories and events in English

– Join Events /Social clubs, in your area.

– Follow “Hi Netherlands” on Facebook or Twitter!

– Become a member of the city library. Google “Bibliotheek+ Name of City”

– Register your new address at the city hall if you move to a new place. Google “Stadskantoor + Name of City + Verhuizen” (or register online by DigiD)

– Language learning websites/ Radio/courses

– For the news of the Netherlands in English: “Dutch News”

– Invite your family to the Netherlands for a visit.

– Read the History of the Netherlands.

– Visit “Keukenhof” flower garden in spring.

– Replace your stolen or lost residence permit.

– On boards and in addresses read “ij” as /ay/ and “j” as /y/.

– Beware of the ‘expat curve’: ….you will get used to everything… in the end.

Enjoy the adventure. More links on

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