Dutch laws four farmers

Once upon a time, in a faraway land,
Came 4 funny Dutch farmers with some time on their hands. They all agreed to go for coffee at ole Joe’s shop;

They all left their four houses; drove down the road, then came to a stop. They came from the four corners of their country farms; From the north, south, east and west,All heading to Joe’s not causing any harm.But when they met each other on that old country road,They knew they were in a pickle ~ truth be told.Who should go first and pass by the other?She wasn’t around so they couldn’t ask their mother. The farmers began to argue all pointing and waving their hands in the air,Shouting and explaining why each should go first and that it would be fair.After an hour or two with no end in sightOne of the Dutch men declared to the others delight:If this should ever occur again in history, Let it be said… We’ve solved the mystery. In the great land of The Netherlands and at the four corners of a street,Let it be that the person on the right is right even if pedaling by feet.The person to the right will always have the right of wayWe will write it down as a law and that’s how it will stay. We don’t need any STOP signs, people will just know.And if they don’t… hmmm, hmmm, It will be funny, watching their faces as we pass by and GO!The four Dutch farmers, shook hands then proceeded on their way,All headed to Joe’s Coffee and enjoyed the rest of their day!So if you’re traveling to The Netherlands and taking a drive, remember this:When coming to the corners of most of the roads, the person to the right has the right of way.. Unless they have the shark teeth on the pavement. Then you are free to keep on going. My words of advice: Proceed with caution, even the bikers don’t stop.

Lisa Jochim [nbsp]

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