Subsidy money for the homeless abused

Hundreds of thousands of euros granted by the city of Eindhoven for a work project for the homeless are gone.

Community money went out through another door, through the hired ‘Buro Andersom’ (bureau: the other way round) in Belfeld, Limburg. The company was in need of money, with bankruptcy threatened. ‘Andersom’ had to accompany homeless people in Eindhoven to work in September last year. To do this, the company was enabled by foundation GGzE-‘De Boei’ (the buoy). They had been commissioned but in turn outsourced the project. There was a total of 630,000 euros of subsidy available; half a million had already been transferred to ‘Andersom’. In March the money appeared to be finished. It was mainly given to two employees, and later (from January) to three.In March ‘De Boei’ stopped the cooperation with ‘Andersom’. Another company has since taken over the project.

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