Like to try Scottish country dancing?

The Scottish Thistle Club will be hosting an open evening on Wednesday 11 September.
Every year this Scottish club opens its doors to share their passion with the public and you are very welcome to return every Wednesday at 20.00hrs in ‘t Trefpunt, Belgiëplein 2 in Eindhoven.
The evening on 11 September will start at 20.00 hrs and will be going on till 22.30hrs, with a short break for coffee, tea or a drink at around 21.15hrs. They will show you some of the dances they do and introduce you to Scottish dance and music. You can join them for a free evening of instruction and fun! You don’t need any previous dance experience or special clothes, but they are suggesting you to wear shoes with soft soles.
The Thistle Club of Scottish Country Dancing was founded in Eindhoven over 30 years ago. Weekly they practice traditional Scottish dance steps and enjoy country dancing. Scottish country dancing is social dancing: dances are done in pairs but there’s no need to come with a partner; they like to dance each dance with someone different!
Members enjoy visiting other clubs in Europe to attend their dances and the Thistle Club holds its own day school, musicians’ workshop and social dance once a year in October. The club also celebrates the birthday of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns, with a ceilidh at the end of January (the next one is on Saturday, 25 January 2014) which is open to everyone. A great opportunity to find out what Scottish dancing is like, enjoy the spectacle of the traditional haggis being brought in to the accompaniment of bagpipes – and the chance to taste it too – and sample a few Scotch whiskies.
See for more information about the club, or phone Kay Dixon on 0499-332585, or email the club at

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