Biting shoplifter arrested in Piazza

In the Piazza shopping center in Eindhoven, a 36-year-old man was arrested for assault last night. He would have spat a security guard in the face and would have bitten a bystander in the finger.

The man was caught stealing a pack of waffles and hiding it in his coat. A security guard addressed the man, after which the suspect threatened him in turn. The security guard decided to call another colleague in order to help him get the man out of the store.
The man was not amused and felt the need to spit the guard in the face. A bystander tried to help the guards, but also had to suffer for it. He got bitten in the finger by the suspect and suffered a deep cut.
Warned agents arrested the man and brought him to the station. Cocaine was discovered in the man’s pockets. The drugs were seized and an investigation has started.

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