Queen’s Day ‘gezellig’ until the end

Queen’s Day in Eindhoven was one big party until the last moment. Around 175,000 partygoers were in the city, according to the municipality.

That is even busier than last year. Most people attended the big parties at the Stadhuisplein and the Markt, but also the parties on Strijp-S, such as Clock Rock Orange, attracted quite a number of visitors.The police reported very few incidents; only one fight and some vandalism. Halfway through the evening, only eleven arrests had been made.Emergency services, the municipality and the NS (Dutch Railway company) were satisfied about the visitors’ departure by rail. The 70,000 people who arrived by train were also able to leave fairly easily. A small fire in a railroad tunnel in Best only caused some delay in that direction.All the people involved received many compliments from Mayor Van Gijzel. It is fantastic to see such a united effort, he said.

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