New ecological garden ‘Wasven’ open

The new ecological garden ‘Wasvenboerderij’ (farm ‘Wasfen’) will open Friday afternoon. Pumpkins, tomatoes and other vegetables will be grown. The products will be sold in their very own Farmstore.

Kees van Grevenbroek, Nature Group Wasven’s motivator, is very enthusiastic. “When you buy produce at the supermarket, you never know precisely what you’re purchasing because it comes from various countries. Here, it is grown in the backyard, so we know exactly how it’s handled, and that it’s very fresh!” To commemorate the opening, Piet van den Boom will recite a self-composed poem. Artist Rob Wieringa has made an art piece composed of red beech that will be raffled amongst bystanders. After the grand opening, the ecological garden will be open to the public.

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