Eindhoven second in National Cocaine Test

Eindhoven came second in the National Cocaine Test run by the weekly magazine Nieuwe Revue.

Arnhem was declared undisputed number one.The National Cocaine Test was conducted by two Nieuwe Revue journalists. While touring fifteen Dutch cities, they assessed the cocaine in terms of availability and quality.It took 140 minutes for them to score one gram of cocaine in Eindhoven, with no contact and no phone number. In Arnhem, it only took them 20 minutes. Not only was Arnhem faster, the quality of the cocaine was better too: 80 per cent pure cocaine compared to 76 per cent in Eindhoven. The worst cocaine came from Maastricht. This ‘cocaine’ was 100 per cent pure paracetamol. The cocaine in Utrecht had no active ingredients either.The study revealed that in most of the cities, the cocaine had been cut with levamisole, a drug used to de-worm livestock. Paracetamol and anti-allergy medicines were also often used to cut with the cocaine.

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