Dutch Technology Week (DTW)

From Friday, 31. May until Friday, 7. June 2013 it is time for the second Dutch Technology Week (DTW)! During DTW, professionals, scholars, students and the wide audience will witness and experience that technology contributes to innovation. That it is socially relevant, and also contributes to prosperity and wellness and that it is challenging to work and invest in.

The area of Eindhoven makes great achievements when it comes to high tech. For example, most smartphones and tablets have chips in them that are made by the machines of ASML. Are you flying from Schiphol to Barcelona? Then your luggage is being transported by the luggage systems made by Vanderlande from Veghel. And the smart pill by Philips has a “built-in” navigation that knows exactly where in the body medicine is needed. DTW let you see, feel and experience how entertaining and challenging it is to be a part of inventions that change the world.

For more information about the detailed program, have a look at the website!

Date:        Friday, 31. May – Friday, 7. June 2013
More info:    http://dutchtechnologyweek.com/en (EN)

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