Catharina hospital dismisses dermatologists

All partners in the dermatology department at the Catharina hospital have been officially dismissed as of tomorrow.

The relationship between the skin specialists and the board of directors at the Catharina cannot be restored. They see no possibility for  further cooperation. This statement came from the hospital. The conflict between the skin specialists and the hospital has been an issue for some time. The Catharina hospital accuses the doctors of having started a plastic surgery practice within hospital grounds without the permission of the hospital. It is claimed that the dermatologists made full use of the facilities of the hospital to this end.  The group of dermatologists says they had a verbal agreement from the board to start the practice. However, the medical arbitrators can find no hard evidence of this, as they stated in a preliminary verdict.Catharina hospital will use dermatologists from the university hospital in Maastricht (UMC). This means that they can ensure dermatological care for their patients.

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