All supermarkets open Sundays

All supermarkets in Eindhoven will soon be able to open their doors on Sundays. The City Council has decided this on Tuesday.

Up until now, lots were drawn each year to determine which ten supermarkets were to open on Sundays. The Eindhoven politicians wanted to put an end to this. The council decided that this creates unfair competition. Most political parties agree that Eindhoven citizens like to go shopping on Sunday. The CDA (Christian democrats) and SP (socialist party) voted against the idea of giving supermarkets the freedom to open on Sunday. They are afraid that smaller businesses will suffer. With the new ‘Winkeltijdenwet’ Law (store time), currently in the make in The Hague, city districts can decide themselves what to do with Sunday shopping days. Perhaps in the future, not only will supermarkets be open on Sundays, but also small retailers of the food industry. The new Law is expected to be in effect around the autumn.

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