‘Vooruitgang building must be saved’

The city council will do everything it can to preserve the historic building that houses Stadscafé De Vooruitgang on the Markt.

‘We don’t want to demolish it,’ Mayor Van Gijzel said. The De Vooruitgang building is over a hundred years old and a listed building. It was partly destroyed on Saturday following a major fire that started in the chimney, but soon spread to the attic and the floor below. The fire service escalated the fire to a high risk fire. The emergency decree announced by the mayor was revoked again yesterday evening. The fencing erected on the Markt has been taken down again. The fire broke out on Saturday afternoon. Both the Heuvelgalerie and the Markt had to be evacuated. The fire service had the fire under control by ten past six. De Vooruitgang will remain closed during Queen’s Day.

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