Route du Soleil 2013

The biggest hitchhike contest in the world is coming to The Netherlands! On Saturday, 8 July hundreds of enthusiastic Dutch globetrotters will join the competition of Route du Soleil 2013. The race will start on Saturday, 8 July 2013 at 8.00 hrs on the ‘Stadhuisplein’ (town house place) in Eindhoven. From there, the hitchhikers will leave for the first stage. From the next stage on, the Dutch series will join the hitchhikers from the Brussels series.

Route du Soleil is a once-in-a-lifetime experience in which hundreds of youngsters hitchhike as fast as possible to one of the sunniest destinations in Europe in six stages and seven days. This year, Route du Soleil heads back to where it all started 3 years ago: Barcelona.

If you would like to join the race, you can still sign up with a team of two or three persons. Even if hitchhiking is not your thing, you can still be there and encourage your favorite team!

Date:        Sunday, 8 July 2013
Time:        8.00 hrs
Tickets:        €0
Location:    Stadhuisplein, Eindhoven
More info:

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