Eindhovener arrested as third suspect in Waalre attack

A third suspect in the Waalre attack was arrested in Eindhoven Tuesday morning. The 49-year-old Eindhovener was arrested by a SWAT team in the early morning. His residence was searched afterwards.

Two suspects are currently held in custody: Dick O. (37), who was arrested at the Sint-Michielsgestel trailer park on 26 March, and Igor de L. (38), who was arrested at the Orgelplein trailer park in Eindhoven on 13 April.A police spokesperson would not say where this new suspect was arrested. She did point out that, unlike his fellow suspects, he does not live in a trailer park. The Eindhoven suspect’s lawyer, Peter van de Laar, explained that the SWAT team entered the suspect’s home at 5:00 Hrs with explosives, damaging windows and window sills.Source: http://www.dichtbij.nl/eindhoven/112/artikel/2756020/

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