Brabant Orchestra’s last concert in Eindhoven

The Brabant Orchestra will perform their last concert on Saturday, 27 April, in Eindhoven. The orchestra will merge with the Limburg Symphony Orchestra beginning next season. The new orchestra will be named Philharmonie Zuidnederland (Philharmony South Netherlands), and is assigned the task of symphony orchestra for the regions Brabant, Limburg, and Zeeland.

The Brabant Orchestra will take their leave after 63 years and perform Haydn’s ‘Die Jahreszeiten’ as a farewell concert. The orchestra’s conductor, Jan Willem de Vriend, will lead the orchestra’s performance of this Dutch version masterpiece. On Friday they will be performing in the Chassé Theatre in Breda. Saturday the orchestra will say farewell in the Muziekgebouw (Music building) in Eindhoven and on Sunday they will be performing in the Theatre aan de Parade in Den Bosch. The merger between the Brabant and Limburg orchestra is a result of the government’s cutbacks.

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