Possible suspect in Waalre attack arrested

A 36 year old man was arrested on tuesday morning at a travellers’ caravan park in Sint-Michielsgestel. He is thought to be one of those responsible for the attack on the council house in Waalre.

At 9.00 the police stormed the caravan of suspect Dick O. and his girlfriend, together with that of his parents. The suspect was taken away and the caravans searched. The caravan park on the Spreeuwenbos was sealed off until approximately 11.30.The 58 year old father of the suspect said that computers and cars were removed, including a dark-coloured Audi.The caravan park inhabitants reacted angrily to the raid and subsequent arrest. According to them, Dick O. a drug addict, can hardly walk, seldom steps foot outside and wouldn’t harm a fly. They do not believe he is in any way responsible for the attack in Waalre. “They’ve got the wrong man.”Source: http://www.dichtbij.nl/eindhoven/112/artikel/2693424/

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