Hong – the Show

Martial arts meet urban dance. “Hong – The Show” is a dazzling spectacle on the cutting edge of dance performance: A mix of Kung Fu, percussion and energetic music, in combination with funky moves and breaks. The story: A poor farmer, famous for his phenomenal Kung Fu ability, is forced to enter a competition and loses. This causes him tremendous loss of face and he emigrates to America, falls for the charms of his dance instructor and is again forced to participate in a competition. Only this time he has to dance…

Date:        Friday, 29 March 2013
Time:        20.00 hrs
Tickets:        €17,55 (normal price, more details on website)
Location:    Endinet-Zaal Parktheater Eindhoven, Elzentlaan 50, 5615 CN Eindhoven
Phone:        040 211 11 22
E-Mail:        kaartverkoop@parktheater.nl
More info:    http://www.parktheater.nl/programma/1910//Hong_the_Show/

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