Local councils cutting costs at Christmas

BRABANT- Many councils are investing less in Christmas activities. Council employees are receiving smaller Christmas parcels, no Christmas cards are being sent and towns are not being decorated extensively.

Omroep Brabant asked all councils in Brabant about what they were spending their money on this Christmas. Two thirds of the councils took part and 36% indicated that they were cutting costs this year. For example: Veghel has discontinued decorating the town. The council will no longer display Christmas trees. This gives them a saving of 9000 Euros. Drimmelen is cutting costs for Christmas trees too. There are no trees in the town hall or in the town square. That is a saving of 3000 Euros per year. The councillors in Alphen-Chaam are not getting a Christmas parcels worth more than 50 Euros this year. That is a saving of around 2500 Euros. Cuijk and Moerdijk are not sending out Christmas cards and less alcohol is being served at the Christmas parties. Source: Omroep Brabant

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