Arrival of Sinterklaas and Black Petes

EINDHOVEN – This year, Sinterklaas is expected to arrive in Eindhoven on November 17 at 12.15 hrs. He will enter the city at the end of the ‘Eindhovens Kanaal’ (canal) at the height of the ‘Rondweg’ (ring-road) and he will moor his steamer at the ‘Hugo van der Goeslaan’ in the Tongelre district.

Starting 11.15 hrs, there is an extensive program for children to warm up for the appearance of the Saint and his Black Petes. “Zie ginds komt de stoomboot uit Spanje weer aan…” (“Look, there is the steamboat from far-away Spain …”), the children will sing this song when they excitedly await the holy man with his faithful horse, the Petes and a cargo of ‘pepernoten’ (pepper nuts) to celebrate his festive arrival.Arrival of Sinterklaas’ Progam:11.30 hrs   Start of activities for children12.15 hrs   Sinterklaas arrives at ‘Eindhovens Kanaal’13.00 hrs   Parade of Sinterklaas through the city16.00 hrs   End programParade route:Sinterklaas and his followers will travel from the Hugo van der Goeslaan to the Markt, taking the Kanaaldijk Noord (north), Kanaaldijk Zuid (south), Bleekstraat, Bleekweg, Stratumsedijk, Stratumseind , Rechtestraat, Vrijstraat, Nieuwe Emmasingel, 18-Septemberplein and the Hermanus Boexstraat.You can read more about this Dutch tradition on the following websites:

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