Philips Healthcare Best rids 150 jobs

BEST – At Philips Healthcare in Best 150 permanent jobs disappear. Also the company won’t extend 120 temporary contracts.

This has been told to the 3000 employees on Thursday morning. The work will be divided over different departments of Healthcare in Best. Teams are being formed which can bring a product faster to the market and they want to cooperate more directly with their customer hospitals. Also money will be released for more innovation.Philips is working on a major reorganization; worldwide, 6700 jobs have to disappear.Philips announced the layoff round already in September and made already known at that time that thousands of jobs would disappear worldwide, especially in the divisions Healthcare and Lighting.The reorganization in Best should lead to a simple and more efficient way of working.Director Joerg Sauer of VHP2 (senior staff) says that the staff at Philips now has absorbed so many blows that confidence in the leadership has fallen to a low level. “The strategy is not understood because it’s being blasted over the people. That leads to great unrest and uncertainty.”

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