New railway station in Helmond with underpass

HELMOND – Helmond gets a new railway station. Under the new building there will be a tunnel so that people can easily pass from the centre to Suytkade and Anna district and vice versa.

The underpass is for cars, line buses, taxis, cyclists and pedestrians. Thanks to the tunnel the railway will no longer be a barrier between the two Helmond neighbourhoods.Also the station square will be fully renovated, including a new bicycle shed and a new bus station. The megaproject, which should be ready by the end of 2013, will cost 32 million euros. The old building is going to be demolished. Calculations showed that total reconstruction would cost nearly as much.The new main railway station in Helmond gets an oval roof, with green vegetation on top and gets a transparent look, using a lot of glass and steel. The design is from the Utrecht-based design studio SK.Source: Municipality of Helmond

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