Father does not want daughter in the Derek Ogilvie show

EINDHOVEN – Ad van den Hurk, the step father of Nicole van den Hurk (deceased), does not want RTL to feature the murder of his daughter in the TV show of medium, Derek Ogilvie.

“I do  not want the death of my daughter to turn into a soap. To my knowledge, no medium has ever solved a murder case”. Van den Hurk hopes that RTL will respect his request, if not he is prepared to take legal steps. Nicole van den Hurk, from Eindhoven, was found dead in 1995 in the woods near Lierop. The 15 year old girl had been missing for several weeks. Stepbrother Andy and step farther Ad were both detained as suspects but her case was never solved. The other step brother, step sister and step mother are involved in the TV show, Ad, the step father who has been living in Spain only found out about the intentions to air the program on Wednesday. Ad is not Nicole’s biological father, but did recognize her as such. RTL has confirmed that they still intend to air the program as scheduled next week.Source: Omroep Brabant

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