Eindhoven ‘Brabant Cultural Capital 2018 good move?

Wednesday, 26 September 2012 ‘Eindhoven heeft een onderscheidend profiel’
EINDHOVEN – The 2018 Eindhoven/Brabant foundation was set up at the regional government offices in Den Bosch on Tuesday.
The foundation will represent Brabant as a candidate for Cultural Capital of Europe 2018. Eindhoven will be the official representative for the title of Cultural Capital, but will represent the whole province. But why was Eindhoven chosen?

“I wonder if the choice of Eindhoven was a wise one”, says marketeer Jos Piek, an employee from Dailybrand, a company based in Den Bosch. “Eindhoven has concentrated efforts in becoming known as a design and knowledge centre, and I wonder if the criteria for becoming a cultural capital fit in with the criteria already set up to achieve their current image.”Peter Kentie, city marketeer for Eindhoven, knows why Eindhoven has been chosen to represent the region. “Eindhoven has the most chance because it has a distinct profile. Eindhoven has three  brand pillars; technology, design and knowledge.” Kentie sees only opportunities where Piek sees the limitations. “If Eindhoven becomes the Cultural Capital of Europe, it is a big plus for our city marketing. Not that we will change the way we do things, but we will highlight different accents. For example, instead of hosting a Dutch Design Week, we would host a Global Design Exhibition in 2018.”The tender to convince the jury that Brabant, together with Malta, should become Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018 must be completed by the end of the year. A budget of one hundred milion Euro’s has been provided by the five large cities in the region. Other Dutch candidates are Maastricht, Utrecht and Leeuwarden.Source: Omroep Brabant

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