17 cars confiscated by tax authorities on A270

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

EINDHOVEN/HELMOND – Seventeen cars were confiscated during a road-check on the A270 from Helmond to Eindhoven. Thirty police officers, the Department of Motor Vehicles (RDW), the aliens police and tax authorities all worked together.

The check took place between 08:30 and 21:00 hrs. The tax authorities probably confiscated cars for default on payments. A total of 5,450 vehicles were checked, thirty of which were confiscated. Only seventeen cars were actually towed away; the other thirteen were allowed to proceed if owners pay their taxes on time. Tax authorities collected a total of 31,746 Euros of tax money. 36 tickets were issued for technical defects. Source: Eindhoven Dichtbij

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