‘Stroopwafel’ (treacle biscuit) manufacturer from Brabant saves Mexican troubled youth

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

MEXICO CITY – Koen Houwers from Nijnsel has discovered a golden formula for helping to keep the troubled youth of Mexico off the street. It is literally a golden opportunity because he is using ‘stroopwafels’ (treacle biscuits).

Houwers opened the bakery in one of the most notorious districts of Mexico City. The kids make the biscuits and are allowed to keep what they make by selling them. He is busy till midnight and is up and making biscuits again at six in the morning with the waffle irons. Mexicans did not expect the treacle waffles to be so tasty at first, according to Houwers. According to the waffle baker, the biscuits keep the kids off the street. “before, they were sniffing glue and involved in illegal activities”. Now they go to school and then on to the bakery.First he tried it with pies (vlaai) and now sells puff pastry sausage rolls (saucijzenbroodjes). Now you can even find regional (Brabant) sausage rolls (worstenbroodjes).  Source: Omroep Brabant

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