First Electrical (quiet!) Motocross Park

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

EINDHOVEN/WANROIJ – In the Brabant town of Wanroij the first e-cross park in the Netherlands has been opened: eeX-parc.

eeX-parc is a motocross park where the motors are driven by electricity. With the motto ‘go green’, now the Netherlands have got an environmentally sustainable and unique leisure park.Everyone is familiar with motocross. The sport stands for action, speed and noise. But what if motocross becomes ‘eCross’? eCross (electric cross) is the environmentally friendly and quiet form of motocross, but not less exciting. The cross motors are powered by electricity, so making noise and emissions of gases are past.”The future is green. With this park we want to offer not only a unique recreational activity, but we also want to bring to the attention the development and pioneering work in the direction of sustainability, renewable energy and environmental awareness,” says Roald van Engelenburg, owner and founder of eeX-parc in Wanroij.The indoor park has tracks for different ages and levels and is protected from wind and weather. For all riders, coaches of the highest level are stand by.For more information see Groot Eindhoven

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