Eindhoven no longer the smartest, it’s Riverside

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

EINDHOVEN – The city of Riverside in California has been awarded the status of smartest region in the world. This means that Eindhoven passes the torch to the American city, well known for its computer industry.

This does not mean that Eindhoven loses the title, a fact reinforced by council spokeswoman Willemijn Bronzwaer. “As Eindhoven has already won the title, it is not eligible to compete in the elections. This means that another region gets the title.”According to Bronzwaer, winning the title opened doors for Eindhoven. Businesses gravitated to the region, and vice versa. NGN Capital, an American company, will be coming to the region in September to discuss investing in brainport companies.  The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) in New York is the initiator of the elections. The ICF specifically praised the Riverside internet infrastructure and the quick technological developments in the region since 2004. Source: Omroep Brabant

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