Brabant: 1320 new unemployed (WW’ers) in the space of a month

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

EINDHOVEN – The number of people living in Brabant on unemployment benefits has risen in the past year by more than 5000. February, in particular, saw an increase of more than 1320 people claiming unemployment benefits in the county.

These statistics come from the CBS, the central office of statistics that registered the number of people receiving benefits up to and including February 2012.The rise indicates an increase of 12,4 percent in the space of a year. While scoring slightly better than Utrecht, these statistics mean that the county has a worse unemployment score than two of the other large Dutch “economic engines”: North and South Holland. Brabant is the only county that registered such an increase in people claiming unemployment benefits in February of this year. The rise of 1320 is even more than double that of the much larger county of South Holland.In conclusion, nearly one in 50 people in Brabant receive unemployment benefits (1,92%). That is more than in the other large counties and also above the national average. Friesland is the worst with 2,32% and Utrecht has the lowest rate at 1,52%. Source: Omroep Brabant


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