ASML: “far too few technically educated”

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

VELDHOVEN – The Netherlands have insufficient interest in their own manufacturing industry and educate also therefore far too few technicians. This was said by financial director Peter Wennink of the Veldhoven chip equipment manufacturer ASML on Sunday in the television program Buitenhof.

“There is a glaring shortage of technologists. The number of people finalizing a technical study is only half of what we need. Especially in view of the aging population the situation is dramatic.”
Wennink is concerned that the current budget reduction round which is being negotiated in The Hague will go at the expense of fundamental research. “By cutting there a pillar of economic growth is removed. We are very strong in a number of areas, high-tech belongs to that. That position we must keep.”According to Wennink the government should focus more on technology and innovation. “Worldwide, half the economic growth comes from innovation. By paying more attention to that the Netherlands can improve their own earnings model.”Wennink supports the policy where the government has designated some so-called top sectors, including the development of high technology. “But words on paper at some point must be transformed into action. That requires money.”Private enterprise already makes available money itself to get new technicians. Thus, students at the Technical University in Eindhoven are eligible for a special grant from NXP Semiconductors, the company recently announced. The grant is for students of Electrical Engineering. The university and the company want to make clear to the government with their initiative how important technical studies are.Source: Omroep Brabant


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