Travelling to your home country? Vaccination against Hepatitis A might be needed

When you go on holiday or will be visiting family abroad, a vaccination against Hepatitis A might be necessary. For you but more likely, your child. GGD Brabant-Zuidoost is campaigning for this.

Hepatitis A infections are common. The summer period is coming up where many internationals travel to their home country and may not realise they need vaccinations. You can prevent infection by getting yourself and your child vaccinated. Two vaccinations will offer 30 years of protection.

When you are raised in a country where Hepatitis A is common you might be protected already, but your children are not. Especially the children raised in the Netherlands have a higher risk to contract Hepatitis A. Vaccinations for hepatitis A are recommended when travelling to Africa, Asia, (Central and) South America and parts of Europe. Check if vaccinations are required for your destination. Here you can select the country where you are travelling to, to get the right vaccination advice.


What is Hepatitis A?
Hepatitis A, or otherwise known as jaundice, is a highly contagious virus located in the liver. Symptoms occur in 4-6 weeks after the infection, mostly after the patients return from their trip. Infants have little to none complaints. Yet, they are highly contagious. Adults experience it more serious, sometimes paired with long-time illness. Treatment of Hepatitis A is not possible.

For more information you can mail, call o088 0031 333, or contact your GP.

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