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Movement workshop-Functional Range Conditioning

Fazantlaan 17 5613CB Eindhoven (https://g.page/TrifectaSport?share) Fazantlaan 17, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Date: 24/04/2022 Time: 09.00 - 10.30 Location: Fazantlaan 17 5613CB Eindhoven (https://g.page/TrifectaSport?share) Entrance Fee: €15 Link to event website- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/316249439587 Organizer - www.trifecta-sport.nl  Explanation of event:  Functional Range Conditioning is about giving you MORE MOVEMENT OPTIONS. That is more options to be efficient, fast, powerful, and most importantly safe. One of the most crucial differences between […]

Foundations of Force Workshop

Trifecta Sport Fazantlaan 17, Eindhoven

Anchoring your exercises to improve strength training outcomes When moving weight, the body depends on its foundation. Only then can it safely apply the proper integration of bone and muscle to perform an exercise correctly. Anchoring entails applying proper isometrics to set the foundations of force production within your body for safe and effective strength […]