Boarding up vacant school building should reduce nuisance

Boarding up the vacant Breugel school building should reduce nuisance
Photo credit: Studio040

The old building of BuitensteBinnen (outsideinside) primary school in Breugel has been boarded up. Since the school moved, the vacant building has been causing nuisance in the neighbourhood. Young people gathered there, broke windows and caused other destruction.

Some residents who live directly opposite the building find it annoying that the building causes a nuisance. “I saw those young people smash windows and break into the building. I called the police and reported it to the municipality, because I really no longer felt safe in my own home”, a resident who looks out over the pledge says. “It also goes around the entire neighbourhood app”.


The building has been empty since BuitensteBinnen primary school moved to a new building. The demolition of the building will have to wait a while, because research is first being done into the animals and plants in the area. These examinations are in May and October. Demolition can only start after the results of the investigations, a municipal spokesperson said.

For the residents, the building cannot go down fast enough. “The nuisance is extremely annoying, but now that it is boarded up, it is also a terrible view to look out on”, the resident explains.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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