The Accidental Illusionists

Parktheater Eindhoven Elzentlaan 50, Eindhoven

Hearty laughter inspired by fantastic illusions and small miracles. The performances by comedy illusionists Scott & Muriel, winners of many international awards, are a combination of illusion, theater, slapstick and comedy. After a successful world tour, they are back at the Parktheater with a brand new show. A magician conjures the same rabbit out of […]


Monumentaal – Introdans

Parktheater Eindhoven Elzentlaan 50, Eindhoven

Introdans has existed for 45 years and, this season, it is presenting a four-part series of monumental choreographies. In Lieder Eines Fahrenden Gesellen, Jirí Kylián interprets the similarly-named composition by Gustav Mahler into a wonderful dance. The extreme, rhythmic ballet on pointe Memory of a Shape by Regina van Berkel (music by Dutch composer Theo […]


The laughing lizard international

Parktheater Eindhoven Elzentlaan 50, Eindhoven

Tonight, the cozy Kameleon at the Parktheater is transformed into comedy café The Laughing Lizard where you can enjoy comedy spoken in English. Who they will be is a complete surprise. Some come from America or England and are here on tour; others live in the Netherlands while others are Dutch. But their humor and […]


Extrêmités – Cirque Inextrémiste

Parktheater Eindhoven Elzentlaan 50, Eindhoven

A couple big boards and a handful of orange gas tanks – this French company requires nothing more to put on a performance that is unrivaled in excitement. Three men go to extreme lengths to perform balancing acts amidst controlled recklessness. Remarkably, one of the three men is in a wheelchair. In their stunning acrobatics, […]


SOUL #1 Audience

Parktheater Eindhoven Elzentlaan 50, Eindhoven

In their newest production, choreography duo Meyer-Chaffaud celebrate 15 years of partnership with Korzo. The duo is known for their inquisitiveness and social responsibility, and for veering off the beaten track. In SOUL # 1 Audience, you as the viewer stand central. The show not only focuses on the audience, but also makes the soul […]


International Women’s Day Eindhoven 11 March

Parktheater Eindhoven Elzentlaan 50, Eindhoven

The C.L.O. (The Latin American Centre for Orientation) is organizing the International Women's Day celebration in Eindhoven, on Saturday, March 11th, 2017, at Parktheater Eindhoven. It is an afternoon with stalls, a stage, workshops and presentations to celebrate womanhood and to feel connected with all women in the world. International people will show their crafts, […]

Home – Conny Janssen Danst

Parktheater Eindhoven Elzentlaan 50, Eindhoven

In 2017, Conny Janssen Danst is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The company is kicking off this jubilee year with a new, powerful, modern dance piece that explores the meaning of 'home'.What makes you feel at home? Thirteen dancers – both new and familiar faces –will portray people from differing backgrounds, each with their unique tastes […]


Parktheater Expat Welcome Morning

Parktheater Eindhoven Elzentlaan 50, Eindhoven

On Sunday 29 January 2017, there is a special morning for internationals and their children (5-99yrs) in Parktheater Eindhoven. The show will be the well known Jack and the Beanstalk and it will be performed by puppet theatre STET, The English Theatre: Storybox Theatre, Rod Burnett With a handful of beans and a heart full […]

Euro 1 – Euro 10

Internation Christmas Winter Circus

Parktheater Eindhoven Elzentlaan 50, Eindhoven

Parktheater proudly presents its yearly International Christmas Winter Circus. From jugglers to trapeze artists, clowns to tight-rope walkers – come and enjoy an unforgettable afternoon or evening at the Parktheater! With exciting circus feats and fun extras for the children (and grandchildren), it’s a purely delightful outing for families and friends.


Best of the Fest

Parktheater Eindhoven Elzentlaan 50, Eindhoven

Parktheater is organizing the third edition of Best of the Fest, where Parktheater will present to this innovative region a number of dances from the DC network.