Art Exhibition “DREAMSCAPES” by Wijnand Driessen

The solo art exhibition by Eindhoven artist Wijnand Driessen consists of a collection of paintings and 3D creations. It is a stunning combination of new media and traditional oil painting of city scapes, which invite you to dive into new worlds. The art exhibition will lead you through fantastic displays of cityscapes which you can't […]

Art Exhibition “Anaphora” by Roos Vogels

Albert van Abbehuis Bilderdijklaan 19, Eindhoven, Noord Brabant

In the art exhibition and in the work of Roos Vogel consists of installations, sculptures, drawings and photographs - Roos Vogels tries to fathom nature. She studies natural appearances and experiments with growth mechanisms. Her work is like a search for transformations, but also in one's own abilities to distill a work of art from […]