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Monday, May 20, 2024

North Macedonia Week 4-8 September

Inkijkmuseum Dommelstraat 2A

During the North Macedonia Week the festival will present 80 Macedonian artists who made a fantastic collection of paintings about HOPE. During this week there will be several Art & Bite nights with delicious Balkan food and there will be open gatherings in museum and garden. Specially for those who would like to meet the […]

”Dutch-ess From The Himalyas”

Inkijkmuseum Dommelstraat 2A

Do you come from another country and are you looking for a balance between the Dutch and your own culture in your everyday life? Then you should definitely meet Kirtika van Hunen-Malla during the promotion of her book "Dutch-ess from the Himalayas" in the Global Village. "Dutch-ess from the Himalayas", is a book full of […]