First cable duct for electrical car charging into use

First cable duct in Best officially put into use
Photo credit: Studio040

The introduction of so-called cable ducts in Best has been a success. This is what councillor Jan Willem Slijper says, who recently – together with Korff de Gidts family – officially put the first cable duct into use. “This makes it possible for residents who do not have their own driveway to charge their electric car from home”, Slijper says.

Because it is not permitted to lay a charging cable for an electric car on the sidewalk or road, a cable duct is a solution. This means that the charging cable lies in the tiles. This way, residents can still charge their electric cars in a public parking lot.

According to the councillor, the residents who will be using this cable duct are enthusiastic and busy making their homes and lifestyles even more sustainable. “An electric car fits in this picture “, the councillor says.

The cable ducts are installed by the municipality upon request, but a number of conditions must be met. There are also costs involved. Residents of Best can see here whether they are eligible for a cable duct.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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