Important international prize for TU professor

TU/e- professor Bert Meijer will receive an important international prize in Japan on Friday.

The Nagoya Gold Medal of Organic Chemistry has been awarded to the professor. Since 1995, the Nagoya Gold Medal is awarded each year, to an organic chemist who has made significant original contributions to his or her field.

According to Eindhoven University, this is the most important award for scientists in chemistry. This award puts professor Meijer on a list which includes Nobel Prize winners.

With his research, professor Meijer tries to find out how life develops and behaves at molecular level. New materials can be developed using this knowledge. Results from research is for instance used to develop artificial heart patches and plastics which when damaged, can mend themselves.

It is not the first time professor Bert Meijer has been awarded a prize. Over the past decade, he already won many national and international awards for his research.

Source: Studio 040

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