Extra payment to the environmental agency

Town hall, Eindhoven. Picture courtesy: Studio040/Alan Heeren

The Southeast Brabant Environment Agency (ODZOB) had to draw heavily from its own reserves in 2022. Municipalities in Southeast Brabant must therefore help out financially.

Due to high inflation and absenteeism among staff, the environmental service had to spend more money than budgeted. In total, 670,000 euros more was spent than previously calculated.

The municipalities in the region must therefore help by offering tens of thousands of euros. Eindhoven would have to transfer 52,000 to the ODZOB. The province of Noord-Brabant will offer more than 200,000 euros to the environmental service. This will help bring back its reserves to 1.2 million euros.

Rising costs will force more money to be structurally provided to this government institution. The money would be used, among other things, to invest in a healthy organisation. With this, the ODZOB not only refers to healthier staff to reduce absenteeism but also to healthier business operations.

The organisation, which is involved in, among other things, enforcing environmental regulations, had an average absenteeism rate of 8 percent.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha

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