Volunteer Riny has attended all the Groots concerts

Riny Pasmans

Do you think you have often been to ‘Groots with a soft G’, the concert series by Guus Meeuwis? Well, meet Riny Pasmans (74). As head steward at PSV, he attended every concert, even the rehearsals beforehand. After this last edition, the counter ends at 73 concerts.

Every year Riny takes care of the disabled, the people who are in a wheelchair or a mobility scooter and therefore cannot take a seat on the field or in the stands. “We make sure those people get a great show,” says Riny. From PSV, he also volunteered at the Meeuws concert series 17 years ago. “You get so much in return, it is a win-win situation.”

Riny experiences the most beautiful things during the concerts. In one of the first editions he even saw a love blossom: “He was in a wheelchair, and she was a supervisor. They met each other with us. They are now married and have two children. I still have good contact with them and we often reflect on this. That is my most beautiful memory.”

Guus Meeuwis never fails to come by and give the disabled a helping hand or to have his picture taken during the show, he says.

“Guus is a people person, a great guy. He would do anything for his supporters; he does. I once picked up a visually impaired boy from the stands and brought him to us. Guus shook his hand, and the boy brightened up completely. If you can do things like that, your concert is a success.”

Will he not be done with it at some point? “No,” he says, laughing. “I am a music lover par excellence. We can sing along to all the songs, and we shout along loudly. That’s beautiful.”

The last time

Riny remembers the moment well when he received the sad news that this year would be the last. “I received a text message, then I knew the time had come. It’s such a shame that it’s ending soon because you’re also really going to miss these people. Also, from the organisation. You’ve worked with it for years and built a bond.”

Together, they ensured that everything always went smoothly. Riny: “We even experienced an evacuation once due to a thunderstorm. That was intense, but everything went well and you notice you are one big club. Guus is something special here. It belongs to us, to PSV, and Eindhoven. We’re going to miss it.”


June 26 is the very last concert, and then it will be a real farewell for Riny and his club. “That will be emotional, also for Guus himself,” says Riny. “It will be a very beautiful evening, and we have to end it there.”

But he doesn’t dread it: “We’re going at it with the same steam, for sure. For us, it’s the icing on the cake. After playing football, this is simply the most beautiful thing you can experience. Guus, thanks for all the concerts, friend. Good luck further.”

Source :Studio040

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