Possibly 800 illegally split homes in Eindhoven

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The Municipality of Eindhoven estimates that there are up to eight hundred buildings in the city where houses are illegally divided or where rooms are rented out illegally. This is the response of the Board to questions from the political party, SP.

The buildings that qualify for an inspection first are the buildings for which requests are received for enforcement. Subsequently, the properties that have been legalised under transitional law will be checked. Buildings in areas where room rental or house splitting are not normally allowed will also be checked.

13 years

After that, the number of illegal housing should become even clearer. Finally, the Board stated that around 5,000 hours of manpower will be available per year for the inspection. That equates to about three civil servants working full-time on this. The full enforcement operation will therefore take 13 years, according to the Board.

Source: StudioO40

Translate: Ayşenur Kuran 

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