Thousands of bugs living in one Christmas tree

christmas tree_tim visser_nature vlogger
Insect in a Christmas tree. Image source: Omroep Brabant

Are you thinking about buying a Christmas tree? If you have a fear of creepy crawlies, the images of nature vlogger, Tim Visser may make you think twice. 

“Mites, springtails, aphids, spiders and ladybugs. There can be thousands of insects in a Christmas tree. If you bring your Christmas tree inside, then you will also bring inside a little bit of nature.” For Tim’s new nature vlog, he went looking for bugs in his Christmas tree.

“Many insects look for a sheltered place between the branches of your Christmas tree to hibernate,” says Tim. “If you then bring the tree in and put it in your nice, warm living room, the insects will think: Hey, it’s spring again! Time to wake up and be active again! ”

If you are unlucky, your house may be inundated with unexpected and unwelcome guests. Tim’s tip? “Don’t worry! You won’t suddenly get a whole Christmas invasion, because most of the insects can’t survive. It’s too dry for them inside the house. Are you still feeling concerned? Shake your tree outside well before you bring it in, as that will be sure to dislodge many of the insects. ”

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated and edited: Nicole Cullinan

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