Muziek op de Dommel (classical music event) may no longer be free

Muziek op de Dommel (classical music event) may no longer be free

There is a chance that visitors will have to pay for the accessible music event Muziek op de Dommel (Music on the Dommel) next year.

Otherwise, it’s not enough to keep the event afloat, says Saskia Martens, artistic leader of the event. This year, a collection was held for the first time. That resulted in over 5500 euros.

The event is financed so far by the Municipality of Eindhoven, which structurally subsidizes, through sponsors and the TU/e, which makes the site available.

The event is still growing every year. This eighth edition brought about 20,000 visitors, a record. “If all the visitors had given one euro to the collector, payment might not have been necessary next year,” says Martens. She emphasizes, however, that visitors only have to pay a paltry amount to attend the event next year.

Muziek op de Dommel lasted three days instead of two. The expansion consisted of an evening concert on Friday. The event is growing and, according to Martens, it is far from ending. The ambition is to not only let Eindhoven, but the whole region, get introduced with Muziek op de Dommel. And also expats are explicitly involved. This year, the first contacts were made. It may also be possible to connect with other music cultures in the future, she says.

The event includes the CKE, E.S.M.G. Quadrivium, local and regional ensembles and orchestras, the Muziekgebouw Eindhoven and Stratumseind Klassiek.

Photo: Alain Heeren

Source: Studio040

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