Bio-power station Strijp T opens doors to public

Photo credit: Studio040

The doors of the new bio-power station on Strijp T opened for the first time, last weekend. It gave residents of the neighbourhood the opportunity of seeing and hearing exactly what happens inside it: how prunings and discarded Christmas trees are turned into energy. And there was a great deal of interest in this form of green energy.

The bio-power station has been in operation since the beginning of 2016. To start with, neighbouring residents complained about soot particles and a smell of burning, but those teething problems are now in the past.
They were largely due to the fine-tuning of the station.

EnNatuurlijk is the purchaser of the energy. The power station supplies as musch energy as 55,000 solar panels, and that meets the energy needs of 3% of the households in Eindhoven.

The bio-power station at Strijp is the fourth one in the city. The other three are in Meerhoven, and at the Tongelreep and the Ottenbad.

(Source: Studio040)


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