First unemployed young people get starter’s grant

The first five unemployed young people have received a starter’s grant. They can use the grant to get work experience in a company, and they will have a good chance of getting a steady job.

Money for the project has been made available by government in The Hague. Regional businesses and municipalities also applied for grants for the elderly and for vacancies afternoons between employees and potential employers. With the total budget, the region is to find jobs for 5,000 unemployed people in the region.

The starters grant allows young people to do six months of work experience with a company, for a small remuneration. If both sides are happy with how that goes, the starter should be able to continue into a proper job. All young people are eligible, if they are no older than 27, and are not receiving benefits.

Often, it concerns young people who have got their diploma, but have been unable to find suitable work. Businesses require candidates to have work experience, which is something the young people don’t often have. To overcome that problem, they can do six months of work experience to increase their chances of finding a job.

A total of 32 young people will shortly receive a starter’s grant in the Eindhoven region. Ultimately, that figure will be 200. Each grant consists of 2,500 Euros.

(Source: Studio040)


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