RGS intends to close psychiatry training at GGzE

GGzE Eindhoven-

The Registration Committee for Medical Specialists (RGS) wants to close the psychiatry training at the GGzE. The committee has informed the healthcare institution about this.

The RGS comes with this decision after it became clear earlier that there was an unsafe working climate in psychiatry training. The intended decision concerns both the closure of the training and the withdrawal of the recognition of the retired head trainer and her deputy.

This is not yet a final decision. On 29 September, the GGzE will have the opportunity to respond to the intended decision of the RGS – the committee can then reconsider the decision. The GGzE says it is studying the ‘feedback’ that the institution has received from the RGS. The healthcare institution will also continue to implement the recently drawn-up improvement plan.


At the GGzE they still have to let the message of the RGS sink in, says a spokesperson. “We only heard about the proposed decision last night. We are now looking into the motivation of the RGS,” says a spokesperson, who thinks it is still too early to elaborate on the content.

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“It is a provisional decision. On September 29th we can sit down with the committee and tell our side of the story. We think we have good arguments for keeping the programme open. In addition, we will continue to implement improvements,” said the spokesperson. Although it is a provisional decision, the report is yet another setback for the GGzE, which first encountered an administrative crisis after the departure of director Joep Verbugt, and is now also struggling with problems with psychiatry training.

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