Eindhoven municipality raises flag on Coming Out Day

Coming out day 2022 Photo credit: Studio040

On Tuesday afternoon The College of Mayor and Aldrpersons stood outside and raised the LHBTIQ-flag to mark national coming out day. 

It is a day to support those who wish to express their sexual identity. Alderperson Samir Toub had the honour of hoisting the flag. This is a day for us to show where we stand”, he said. “We are showing Eindhoven residents that we are a safe and diverse environment”.

Alderperson Rik Thijs was also in attendance. “I am out and proud”, he said. Ït is important for me as an alderprson to show that positions such as mine are also held by people from the LHBTIQ-community. It makes me proud as an alderperson to be raising the flag together”.

In the city there is much support for this day. “It is good that our municipality underlines that we can be who we are”, a young woman said. Ï am bisexual, and coming out was easy for me. But it is not an easy step for everyone”.


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