‘The Wedding’, the new play from international storytelling group, PIP

A new short play will be presented next Tuesday, 4th of December, by the PIP (Parktheater International Program) storytelling group.

The PIP storytelling group has presented theatre plays in the past, including a sold-out full-length show. This time, the play concerns a short (40 minute) show. As with the previous plays, the story is based on personal stories of the cast members.

This PIP Storytelling group was set up with a cast of Internationals, in order to share their personal stories in a dramatised way, for an international and Dutch audience, as an invitation to connect with each other. It is an initiative of Carola Eijsenring (Indigo-Wereld), who has demonstrated more initiatives in the past with a focus on internationals of Eindhoven.

The premise of this play follows a group of best friends who are preparing the wedding of one of the group. It shows how they cope with setbacks, misfortunes, and personal dilemmas. In order to get everything ready, they meet regularly in their local pub, ‘The Ex-Pact Cafe.’

The cast:

  • Beatriz Ramos Vaquero (Spain)
  • Cécile de Vree (The Netherlands)
  • Esther Cavini (Italy)
  • Etem Özel (Turkey)
  • Lupe Garcia Moreno (Spain)
  • Pelagia Sykoudi Amanatidou (Greece)
  • Sankalp Jain (India)

Director of the play: Sara-Joan van der Kallen (SARAJOAN)
Initiator/coach: Carola Eijsenring (Indigo-Wereld)

Date: Tuesday 4 December,  20:30-21:15. Doors open at 20:15.

Location: Pand P, Leenderweg 65, 5614 HL Eindhoven

Admission is free, with optional donations. There are no reserved seats, so it is on a first-come-first-served basis.

More information can be found on the Pand P website, or their facebook event.

Written by: Manolis

Edited by: Melinda

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