NEW: 30 Seconds game night

Do you now the game 30Seconds? It is a game that you can play on your phone but also as a board game, together at the table.

On Tuesday 11 December 2018, the first 30seconds game night will be organized. To win or to lose, but especially to meet people live, to play the game together, talk and laugh…

It is very simple, you come in and join for the game. In teams you have to guess names and topics as fast as you can in 30 seconds.

You can participate once or more often. Come by yourself or with others. If you are 25 or 60, if you speak English or Dutch, it does not matter. Everyone is welcome!

Free drink with pre-registration

You can walk in but if you sign up in advance you get a free drink. Simply enter your name through this page and click ‘send’. They won’t sell your personal data because they don’t do that at SamenUIT/OUTtogether. They just like to know roughly how many people they can expect.





And what is OUTtogether/SAMENuit? It is a new social network in which many organisations are now participating. One of them is Eindhoven News. Because we like to support initiatives where people from all backgrounds and ages can connect – live.

This online platform is for everyone in Eindhoven. Through this platform it is easy to get in touch with others or to do activities together. Like dancing salsa together, playing pool, going to an event or museum, or cooking together. Everything is possible. This initiative starts now (November 2018).

Do you have ideas or do you want to organise a joint event together with us? Please send an e-mail to


OUTtogether/ SamenUIT-30seconds game night

Where: The Student Hotel (next to Eindhoven railway station)

When: Tuesday 11 December 2018

Time: (walk-in 19.30) – starts at 20:00

Admission: Free. With pre-registration you get a free drink.

(with reservations: every 1st Tuesday of the month)

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