Lecture about ‘De Dommel in Eindhoven’ by ‘Eindhoven in Beeld’

De Dommel

On Sunday July 8th, the ‘Eindhoven in Beeld’ foundation organizes a lecture about the river De Dommel in Eindhoven. Jan Vlemmix en Piet van den Heuvel will have a presentation about the geography of the river and what it meant and means for the origin and development of Eindhoven through the centuries. But also about the nature around it, and the challenges that the river brought. All illustrated with maps and pictures.

The lecture starts at 13.30, at the ‘Erfgoedhuis’. Doors are open from 13.00 to 16.00 and admission is 2 euro (including coffee or tea).

For more information:

Stichting Eindhoven in Beeld     040 2116072       (ma/vrij 11.00 -16.00 uur)

Stephen Goth Voorzitter              040 2427597       s.goth@eindhoveninbeeld.com

Huub Jacobs                                   06 42991089       h.jacobs@eindhoveninbeeld.com

Its connected to an exhibition that runs from Monday 2nd to Friday 6th from 11.00 to 16.00 at Gasfabriek 4.


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